What We Do

We’re Turning a Negative into a Positive

TheBoardroom Africa (TBR Africa) promotes exceptional female talent to boards across the continent. We break down barriers to help organizations realise the benefits of increased diversity on boards by accelerating the placement of female board directors. TBR Africa connects peer-endorsed, board-ready women with CEOs and Board Executives across Africa for access to board and investment committee service.

Opening doors for women in the boardroom

A week-long programme that brings senior executive women of every sector together to help reach their full potential as boardroom leaders. The training takes a practical and pragmatic approach to sharing best practices of the world’s best performing boards, navigating potential challenges members might face, and providing real-life simulations of boardroom discussions.

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Preparing the Next Generation of Board Leaders

Women remain underrepresented at every level in Africa’s workplaces. Studies show that women still struggle more than men to gain access to their first board seats, which further exacerbates challenges to boardroom diversity. We’ve created programs that help identify leading women and find them a seat at the boardroom table. From our accredited board training programme, “Open Doors”, to the innovative “Sustain” initiative, we do more to train, place and develop women with the goal of making a fundamental impact in ways boards and leadership teams work.

Our Talent

  • 100% Senior Managers, and Senior Executives, C-suite, Partners, VPs, Directors

  • 50+ Countries

  • Minimum 15 years industry-specific experience

  • 70% with prior board experience

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Our Partners

  • DFIs, PEs, VCs, and other prominent companies & institutions

  • Representing Africa and other emerging markets

  • 2,000+ portfolios

  • Strong gender diversity and social impact mandates

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Sustaining Success

We are piloting an innovative training and development platform aimed at building and sustaining the pipeline of women equipped for board service. More details on this program will be shared with members of the TBR Africa network in early 2020.