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TheBoardroom Africa promotes exceptional female talent to boards across the continent.


Our donors provide invaluable support and share our vision of gender diversity. From foundations to corporations, our partners know that an investment in TheBoardroom Africa is an investment in a more inclusive society, a stronger business community and Africa’s development objectives. We work with our donors to achieve shared development objectives such as gender inclusion and jobs created.

Vision TBRA

Partner to achieve our shared vision of board diversity

  • Form long-term strategic partnership with an organisation impacting the lives of thousands of African women

  • Invest in leadership diversity and catalyse the growth of organisations within the region

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Our partners include corporations, firms, associations and other organisations committed to accelerating progress on gender diversity by joining our movement to mainstream leadership diversity. They also enable us to expand our professional development reach to women across Africa and beyond. We empower and enable women to lead through training and resources at the company level and in the broader community.

Sponsoring Benefits TBRA

Partner benefits

  • Champion Sustainable Development Goal 5 by training and empowering women in your organisation to lead

  • Champion inclusion by demonstrating to employees, investors, clients, and customers that you share TBrA’s commitment to accelerating gender diversity and supporting female talent

  • Gain access to a best-in-class community of leaders and companies, and cutting-edge research at the national, regional and global level

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Network Partners

We partner with national-level women’s associations seeking to connect with other global and country-level women’s networks and enhance their members’ access to opportunities across Africa. As a TBrA network partner, your members will have access to cutting-edge research and analysis shaping the future of women’s representation in African business. Through regularly curated boardroom and executive opportunities, webinars, events, and more, TBrA will inspire your national association and its members with best practices to accelerate progress for women in your country and across the region.

Become Partner TBRA

Network partner benefits

  • Opportunities for collaboration on events, webinars and training for your members

  • Access to cutting-edge research on gender diversity in the boardroom and women in leadership

  • Connection to a network of other national-level organisations serving women across Africa

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