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The largest regional network of women executives

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TheBoardroom Africa (TBR Africa) is the largest regional network of female executives in Africa. Our membership represents over 1000+ executive women from more than 55 countries with work in or focused on Africa.


helping bridge the diversity gap

Board Opportunities

We work with companies and organizations to help bridge the diversity gap on their boards by sharing vacant roles with our network, providing a shortlist of qualified candidates that meet their criteria, or through our bespoke search service.

Open Doors

Open Doors

Open Doors is the first globally-accredited board training of its kind offered to women leaders from across Africa. The curriculum features unique content developed by TheBoardroom Africa to help women navigate the intricacies of the boardroom.

Open Doors gave me the confidence to further understand boardroom dynamics and how I can use my position as boardroom chair to strengthen and support the organization’s leadership as well as my fellow board members.
Yolisa Kani, Head of Public Policy, South Africa, Uber
Beyond the network, I also benefited from the classes — particularly the modules on finance, which went beyond the numbers to focus on the “why” of mechanisms and processes. Learning is a curve that never stops.
Nabou Fall, Managing Director, Vizeo
From the modules to instructors, this is a world-class training. While I certainly had a tremendous learning curve, I walked away knowing how I can be more effective in a board role.
Abam Mambo-Doh, Assistant General Counsel & Investigations Counsel - Asia Pacific, GlaxoSmithKline

Our Webinars

Whether you are an expert or a first-time director, TBR Africa’s monthly webinar series provides practical guidance on common issues that may arise in the course of board service. These interactive sessions cover diverse topics from “How to prepare a board-ready CV” to “Building Organizational Resilience”

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Managing Conflict in the Work Environment

Contributor: Rachel Nyaradzo Adams

Tuesday, September 29

Of the five stages of a team, none is more dreaded than the second – storming. Leaders who are often very confident in other aspects of people engagement often find themselves lacking when it comes to conflict. In a survey done by Stanford Business School and the Miles Group, results showed that most CEOs want to develop in the area of conflict resolution because almost all issues that come to the CEO’s desk have an element of conflict to them. It is also likely because many of us, including executive leaders, have still not mastered the science and art of conflict. Conflict therefore becomes one of the leader’s worst nightmares. When a conflict situation arises, leaders often find themselves with limited tools to both resolve the conflict but also to use it for strategic learning. This session will help leaders better understand both the science and art of conflict and will leave them with the awareness to embrace conflict when it arrives.

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Getting to the Boardroom

Thursday, April 1


Our inaugural conference is dubbed Getting to the Boardroom. The first edition will lay the foundation for building ties and community within TBRA’s network of ~1000 executive women. Beyond the network, the conference targets aspiring female executives and board leaders looking to position themselves for future board roles and improve their ability of existing board members to perform in their new sessions. It will take place over 2 days and will also offer companies an opportunity to showcase their interest in hiring senior female talent and offer consultancies an opportunity to connect with female talent.


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